ICE Cube Maker Genie

Br 600
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???? ICE Cube Maker Genie
????Keep Ice-cream cold 
????Keep drinks Ice-cold 
????Easy to use 
????Save a lot of space in your freezer; 
????Keeps your cubes fresh and odor free with air tight lid;

ዋጋ፦  ????????  600 ብር

????ውስን ፍሬ ነው ያለን/ Limited Stock

????አድሚኑን ለማናገር @awasadmin1

????አድራሻችን:- ቦሌ መድሐኔዓለም ቦሌ መሰናዶ ት/ቤት ፊትለፊት አለምነሽ ፕላዛ ግራውንድ ሱቅ ቁጥር 05

????ለወዳጅዎ ስላጋሩ እናመሠግናለን ????

???? ቴሌግራም ቻናል

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