IPhone 14 Pro Max

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Br 170,000
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IPhone 14 Pro Max
Dual Sim 
Color Deep Purple

Price:170,000 Birr 

???? Aloz Electronics Zone
????We Have a delivery Service(In Addis)
????????ለክፍለ ሀገር ደንበኞቻችን በፖስታ ቤት እንልካለን!

????አሁን ባሎት በጀት ይሄንን ገዝተው በቀጣይ ጊዜ ብር ጨምረው ሌላ ስልክ መውሰድ እንደሚችሉ ያውቃሉ?????ከኛ ለገዟቸው ስልኮች ሁሉ ይሄ ይቻላል። አሁኑኑ ይደውሉ

????Call :-0940120695

Phone Number 0940120695
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