Smart Towel

Br 700
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???? Smart Towel

????Allows you to look good, be comfortable and confident when you get out of the shower

Available colour ???? pink

ዋጋ፦  ????????  700 ብር

????አድሚኑን ለማናገር @awasadmin1

????አድራሻችን:- ቦሌ መድሐኔዓለም ቦሌ መሰናዶ ት/ቤት ፊትለፊት አለምነሽ ፕላዛ ግራውንድ ሱቅ ቁጥር 05

????ለወዳጅዎ ስላጋሩ እናመሠግናለን ????

???? ቴሌግራም ቻናል

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